Construction and Building Materials

The construction sector in India has grown at a tremendous pace in the last few years, faster than the 9% p.a. growth of GDP. The emergence of newer segments in the economy like hospitality, retail, entertainment, education etc. have largely contributed to the growth. Apart from this, the phenomenal development of IT industries has boosted the construction of high rise buildings, industry parks and SEZs. Not only the construction sector has grown during the period, but construction methods have become more organized with introduction of newer technologies and machinery; many new building materials have been introduced in the market targeting interior and exterior applications. This period has also seen the entry of big corporates into the construction sector.

(Source : Imrb )


The Resource India consultancy work in the Real Estate Sector covers:

  • Marketing and sales services for building material products in Residential and commercial real estate including multistory residential complexes, malls, trade centres, star hotels, corporate hospitals, entertainment complexes, educational institutions, industrial buildings etc.
  • Direct interaction for B2B services in airports, ports, industrial parks, SEZs, FTWZs etc.

Building Material Products that we endorse and market covers:

  • Structural materials like steel, cement, bricks/blocks, wooden panels, roofing sheets etc.
  • Decorative like tiles, carpets, paints, coverings, glass, ACP etc.
  • Fitments like doors & windows, cabinets, lighting, electrical, sanitary ware etc.
  • Solutions for thermal proofing, water proofing, sound proofing, fire proofing, corrosion proofing etc.
  • Building automation including security, access regulation, climate control etc.