How are you compensated for your services?

Only after we have a firm understanding of your needs and goals, compensation for our services can take on one of these four forms:* Fee – Fee for the engagement. This could be a flat fee or an hourly fee.

* Fee arrangement – Management fee based upon your assets.

* Commission – if there were a particular product that fit your situation, we would be able to implement a product where the product company compensates us.

* Hybrid – Combination approach Each implementation strategy has its benefits and its draw backs. The key catalyst for making a decision is based on your situation.

Yes. Our greatest expertise is Business Optimization, and it ranges from the product concept creation to sales cycles execution. we help clients with a wide variety of other issues. These include interim management, part-time management, marketing execution, and more. Please contact us to discuss your particular situation in

What services do you provide?

Our services include the following: Retail Marketing, Procurement and sourcing, Product design and development, Project management, Social Media Management, Social Media Advertising, Website Design, and Search Engine Marketing, supplier verification and validation, direct material and raw material.

Can you help manage my marketing activities?

Yes we can.

Plenty of small businesses are too busy to manage their own marketing activities. Therefore, our marketing consultants can help develop and implement marketing activities for your business and manage them for you.

The activities will depend on what type of business you have and will be tailored to your business based on your brand, who your competition is and what they key message we want to communicate to your new and prospective clients.

Based on the marketing plan, we will also create marketing activities that best suit the growth and promotion of your business. As small business marketing consultants we work on an ongoing basis to help create consistency and the reiteration of your message.

We sure can. Our expertise in social media allows us to not only find your target audience, but drive them to you website or store front on a consistent basis.

Our consulting approach combines extensive industry knowledge with rigorous, fact-based analyses to determine the optimal strategies for a corporation or business unit. Having access to know-how of India’s market enables us to bring unique and technology driven ideas to give a hand in your business growth.

Specific areas where we can add value include:

·         Developing corporate portfolio strategy      ·         Indentifying strategic partners for joint venture, partnering on product development and merger or acquisition

·         Spin-off or sale of non-core business units  ·         Outlining organizational structures to improve efficiency and agility

·         Creating and redefining business plans        ·         Designing market entry strategies

·         Organizational and specific business unit benchmarks

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