Strategy & Marketing Innovation

International exposure. Local Knowledge. Delivering results.

If you want to enter new markets or expand in those where you currently operate, Resource India can make it happen. Our local teams around the world know their markets and use that knowledge to create a strategy for your successful growth and deliver rapid, on-the-ground implementation.

Resource India has deep expertise across a variety of capabilities that help executives more effectively run their sales operations and execute their channel management plans. We help clients develop channel strategies by evaluating channel economics, developing customer segmentation and developing market projects to optimize channel programs.

Resource India has gained extensive experience in supporting clients to maneuver through the challenges and pitfalls of Entering Indian market and Marketing management as well as helping to shape state-of-the-art sales forces and effective sales methods. Services we cover include:

  • Product Launch and Product Planning Successful product launches are either a great deal of luck or are driven by a thoughtful, customer-centric GTM strategy. Resource India connects key customer insights with a compelling launch strategy and execution plan across product, marketing and sales.
  • Marketing Technology Evaluation and Selection | The marketing technology landscape is massive, complicated and ever-changing. We can help you make sense of all of the options for specific marketing objectives or use cases and recommend relevant marketing technology providers.
  • Sales Enablement | Using the right resources and tools can quickly enable your sales team to increase effectiveness and improve sales team performance. We can help you define your strategy, establish best practices, and identify content resources that will help deliver significant improvements in sales productivity.

At Resource India, we enable businesses to enter emerging markets and increase local market share.

Our team can help you:

  • Develop strategies for new markets
  • Produce a framework for growth execution
  • Analyze investments, manage risks and deliver desired returns
  • Build and ramp up an effective supply and distribution ecosystem
  • Understand the market dynamics and build a customer-focused strategy
  • Uncover barriers to your success – and overcome them
  • Find experts with local knowledge on site
  • Discover new opportunities for customer markets and product development