Partnering with The Resource India, our product design and development division, provides access to design centers and a team of industry experienced engineers, designers and regulatory experts with diverse Industrial backgrounds.


Design and Development Capabilities

  • Ideation, exploration and discovery
  • Concept generation and rapid prototyping
  • Design it, Build it, Test it – Rapid design iterating through in house design, testing and prototyping capabilities
  • Design risk assessment, and Design for Manufacturing
  • Project management for coordinating all internal and external resources
  • Design transfer for seamless transition to full scale production

Product Design and Development

With comprehensive resources and capabilities to develop complete systems, or provide focused support for product design and development challenges, Our finely tuned product development process and on-site prototype facilities allow for rapid iteration and product development, reducing your time to revenue generation and allowing you to expand your capabilities to launch more products.

Optimizing Product Cost for Maximizing Revenue

Manufacturers like you are under constant pressure to optimize product costs, improve time-to-market, all while creating high quality products without compromising features or functionality. This balancing act is key to maximizing revenue for your company.

We can work with you to optimize:

  • Bill of Materials’ cost
  • Engineering process cost
  • Manufacturing cost

Design, Manufacture & Sell Anywhere

Developing products across different sites makes it easy for manufacturers to improve time-to-market and optimize their ROI. While cross-site production has many benefits, it also comes with its own set of challenges:

  • Engineering groups having to manage and track collaborative engineering processes across various teams and locations
  • Streamlining information flow between the global locations quickly and still remain easily accessible

We Listen to Your Needs

We live in a world of constant change. Manufacturing technologies, markets and consumer demands are constantly evolving, leaving companies like yours with challenges including:

  • Achieving dynamic agility in designing products for value
  • Improving the balance between cost, quality and design-time
  • Bringing innovation into products