Quality Control and Testing

Developing a compliant, yet not overly complex, Quality System can be a challenging and ongoing effort that encompasses the entire product development process and affects how your business operates. Partnering with Resource India’s quality experts can help with simplifying your existing system, or developing a new system with and an efficient methodology customized around your specific business needs.

Given the high importance of quality assurance we are able to support with a suite of services, these cover process and plant operations auditing, inspection, test and fool proof process support, quality systems design and application to meet relevant customer and international standards as well as practical implementation of this suite of tools.

  • Quality and Regulatory Compliance Management solution includes:

    • FDA compliance management
    • Material compliance assessment
    • Material declaration
    • ISO certification
    • Test protocol library
    • Garment testing
    • Material testing
    • Supplier scorecards

We help our clients transform key supplier relationships from merely transactional to collaborative, producing immediate, significant and long-term business value. We help create strategic alignment with key suppliers and establish collaborative solutions to lower their operating costs, advance quality and innovation, establish joint product development, increase their speed to market, strengthen their profitability and improve their ability to compete in a challenging global market.

We help you communicate with your suppliers and to determine how to scale your operations up or down. Occasionally we are called to fix a broken process or recover from a soured relationship.

Our Checklist to manage and improve supplier relationship:

  • Source (tool and product) inspections
  • Supplier audits and inspections (internal and external)
  • On-time delivery
  • Contract negotiations
  • Compliance
  • Quality Assurance
  • Additional RFQs and Re-quote Management
  • Logistics assistance and liaison
  • Overall Supplier Quality Management
  • Continuous improvement and productivity
  • Supplier chain monitoring (raw materials and outsourced processes)
  • Risk Mitigation (supply chain, production equipment, labor force, utilities etc.)
  • Growth potential (Strategic Alliance/JV)

We offer third party supplier inspection and vendor audits across categories such as Casting, Electrical and Electronics, Forging, Machining, Plastic or Rubber Molded Parts, Precision Sheet Metal, Specialty Chemicals, Stock Items and Tooling.

We have access to certified auditors for ISO 9001:14001 and Lean Six Sigma. Our audit includes a comprehensive format in line with ISO/TS requirements. This format is filled by trained lead auditors based on objective evidence typically from visits to suppliers supplemented by data: test results, process documentation, and regulatory filings provided by the supplier or specified by the client.

Supplier Development checklist :

  • Process Flow.
  • RAIL (Rolling Action Item Line)
  • Control Plans – Prototype, Pre-Launch, Production
  • Measurement Systems and Calibration
  • Manufacturing Feasibility
  • Corrective Action
  • Dimension Inspection Reports.
  • Change/Deviation Request Management
  • Production Line Trials
  • Line Speed Trials
  • Statistical Process Control
  • Sign-Off Process