Social Media Marketing

Unlike many Social Media Agencies in the market, we are the only company to use Social Media as a tool to generate leads for your business and getting you customers who are interested in buying your product.

If you want to keep your sales on track, then Value Direct’s Social Media Marketing can be the next ‘Big Thing’ in your business. We believe social media could be used to push sales up if used appropriately for Lead generation and Target Marketing

We are creating a breakthrough in social media marketing to fuel your sales pipeline by helping you generate leads real-time and beat your competitors.

We harness the power of social channels along with our marketing database to create sales opportunities for you that helps you target specific segment of audience effectively.

  • Resource India brings a substantial knowledge having extensively worked with clients across a wide array of industries, including Lifestyle, Building Material, Furniture and decoration, Kitchen and wardrobes, Garden and terrace, Interior and exterior fittings, HVAC, Smart building and Security, Bathroom fittings, automotive, education, healthcare, among others to help them gain a competitive advantage.
  • The social media experts at Resource India provide business insights that help us to generate quality social leads. Campaigns are analyzed, set up, deployed and monitored effectively across channels to identify prospective leads and extend your reach.
  • If your business has yet not leveraged social media through Resource India, you are surely missing out on sales opportunities and customer engagement.

15 Years Of Experience In The Industry.

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