Improving agricultural productivity will be an essential aspect in the future.

Business Optimization Consultant and service providers

Today’s business environment is in a phase of transition where different components, resources, partners, channels and technologies are converging, products and pricing information is readily available, brand identity and image are becoming increasingly important, and customers are expecting high level of service.

Companies are faced with increasing competitive environments in which capturing and retaining customer profitably is a great challenge.



Organizations need to understand customer requirements and track customer behaviour in the fast changing global environment in order to optimise their business processes accordingly. Building up and maintaining a well recognized brand profile offers customers orientation and identification. In converging global economic conditions the effective interaction between supplier, vendors, marketing, sales and service is a key enabler to improving a company’s profit. It’s becoming increasingly important how companies structure and carry out their business efforts – using innovative tools and methods, ensuring the right resources for product groups, aligning the sales force with customers, increasing sales productivity, developing new customer segments to ensure future growth prospects.


Optimum utilization of technology and resources to achieve business excellence.


To be India’s leading business consultancy for sourcing, marketing and sales.

Our values drive us forward as an organisation and bind us together as a community:


  • Treating all others as we would like to be treated
  • Being prepared to listen with an open mind and having the courage to change our position
  • Accepting that the views, ideas and values of our clients, colleagues and other stakeholders are as important as our own


  • Being honest, ethical and above reproach with each other and with our stakeholders in all our business dealings
  • Delivering on commitments as the foundation for building trusting relationships
  • Achieving our individual and collective goals in a way that makes us proud


  • Creating the environment that encourages each of us to ask the “what if?” question
  • Making investment in our people and business to realise the most from our creative ideas
  • Having the courage and determination to bring new ideas to reality


  • Having a relentless desire individually and collectively to be the best in our business
  • Where good enough is never good enough
  • Celebrating individual and team success
  • Being excited about who we are and what we do

We are an experienced Business Consultant with ~5 years of experience into sourcing and business development . We have successfully attended and participated in various domestic and international exhibition across industries handling clients requirements that include identifying trends across all business functions such as technology, strategy and operations.

Our deliverables include requirements such as : Opportunity Assessment, Market/ Industry Studies, Competitive Landscaping, Company Profiles, Strategic Analysis, Identifying Best Practices, Market Entry Strategy, sourcing, retailing, marketing etc. We have worked across industries but more inclined towards furniture, decoration, kitchen, bathroom, lighting, handloom, wooden craft, raw material, information technology, real estate and start ups .